My Name is Jase I am open minded to dating people with different gender identity/Orientations. I am into a lot of things and this blog will give you all the ideas of what I like. But If you have any questions just ASK and I will answer them the best way I can.
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I wish I could wear pride shirts and stuff (I’m pansexual) but, I don’t want to have to deal with people being ignorant toward me if I do.

I have a shirt you might like. Everyone in my town stares at it but doesn’t say a word and there are some that love the shirt and ask where I got it lol.

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Who cares if you took a shower on your own? People who can't are just cripples who don't even matter anyways.


Hm, well, let’s see. I know I care. 

I also know starlord-wannabe, ry-the-queer-guy, technological-infectant, kickingfibrosbutt, rollinmerightbackhome, stephariffic, starsfallingatnight, up-up-and-a-gayyy, justrollinon, ghostgrif, and enjoying-every-minute-of-crazy all care as well, and I’m totally certain there are even more people who care. Those are simply the ones who either liked or commented on that post. 

I think I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that second part - that’s how absurd it is to me. 

Yeah I care a lot and the Anon needs to know it.