My Name is Jase I am open minded to dating people with different gender identity/Orientations. I am into a lot of things and this blog will give you all the ideas of what I like. But If you have any questions just ASK and I will answer them the best way I can.
where am i from

I can’t tell you that because you didn’t go to my profile to ask me the question. You must have just went on the side where my display photo is on the dash to ask :p

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m-m-mad-madness challenged me to post six selfies I love, so here they are (okay most of them are selfies) :’)

The two at the top are from when I had recently come out and was finding clothes I felt good in :3 And the one lower down in the same purple shirt is from a few days ago, and I think it shows a bit what a few months of working out (still pre-T) have done to my body, because I think it fits in a straighter and more masculine way rather than going in at my waist. Either that or I’ve just got better at dressing myself to look male :’)

The one with the cyberman head is from my awesome trip to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, which was such a great day.

The one in the black hat is from a trip to the ice rink with my trans youth group. The group has helped me so much and helped me to feel confident presenting as male.

Finally, the last picture is of me in cosplay as the tenth doctor, ie doing one of my favourite things.

I think I’m meant to tag people, so go for it clockwork-angel-wings, pip-the-potterhead, tlazcotl, frozendreamer, starsfallingatnight (if you want to, no pressure :P)